Peace Engineering

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About the Program

The Peace Engineering minor brings together expertise in systems-level science, engineering principles, and conflict resolution practice to support conditions for peace. It prepares students to engage in projects with conflict sensitivity and to understand the engineering technologies and approaches impacting human systems. The minor explores how key topics of design, systems thinking, the environment, digital systems, and technology intersect with conflict at various scales- from the local communities to the world stage. The minor develops an understanding of problem-solving approaches and tools that are integral parts of the peace engineer’s toolbox.

Program Opportunities

This minor is open to all majors, and especially appropriate for students in the natural sciences, computational sciences, conflict analysis and resolution, information technology, finance, economics, mathematics, engineering, or computer science programs with a passion for conflict resolution practice to support conditions for peace. Students completing this minor have completed one step in preparation for jobs that strives to break down the silos of domestic and international conflict with teaching, research, and practice that cut across levels of conflict.