Data Analytics Credential

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Data Analytics are remaking industries, our economy, and how people work. As many jobs now require an understanding of big data, students who graduate with skills in areas such as data analysis, data visualization, and security are now more competitive in the job market than ever.​

The Data Analytics Credential is designed for computing and engineering students who want to acquire the data analytics skills that employers in the metropolitan areas of Baltimore, Washington, D.C., and Richmond need. Developed with the Greater Washington Partnership, the credential equips students across disciplines with the entry-level data analytics skills that employers need most. 

Engage with business

  • Acquire exclusive access to a student portal with paid internship and event opportunities
  • Obtain invitation to participate in annual internship fairs with employers looking to recruit CoLAB students
  • Access professional development webinars and other ad-hoc opportunities
  • Earn digital badge upon completion of required courses to identify yourself as having the skills these employers are looking for in their workforce

Connect with these companies

Booz Allen Hamilton
Capital One
General Dynamics (GDIT)
JPMorgan Chase
McKinsey & Company
MedStar Health
Monumental Sports and Entertainment
Northrop Grumman
Stanley Black & Decker
T. Rowe Price
Under Armour


University Courses for the Specialist Credential

Data Management and Governance: Choose one:

CS 450     Database Concepts

CDS 302  Scientific Data and Databases

IT 214       Database Fundamentals

Data Storage: Choose one:

CS 450     Database Concepts

CDS 302   Scientific Data and Databases

IT 214        Database Fundamentals

Data Quality: Choose one.

CS 450     Database Concepts

CDS 302   Scientific Data and Databases

IT 214        Database Fundamentals

Data Manipulations: Choose one.

CS 484     Data Mining

CDS 302   Scientific Data and Databases

IT 214        Database Fundamentals

Probability and Descriptive and Inferential Statistics- Choose one sequence.

Sequence A

STAT 334     Introduction to Probability Models and Simulation OR

STAT 344     Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists I OR

STAT346      Probability for Engineers 


STAT 350     Introductory Statistics II OR

STAT 354     Probability and Statistics for Engineers and Scientists II OR

STAT 360     Introduction to Statistical Practice II

Sequence B

CS 484         Data Mining AND

CS 480         Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Sequence C

IT 322           Health Data Challenges

Data Visualization: Choose one.

STAT 463     Introduction to Exploratory Data Analysis

CDS 301      Scientific Information and Data Visualization

IT 415          Information Visualization

Foundations of Systems Development Life Cycle: Choose one.

IT 216       Systems Analysis and Design

CS 321      Software Engineering

Data Ethics: Choose one.

CDS 151      Data Ethics in an Information Society

STAT 489     Pre-Capstone Professional Development

IT 304          IT in the Global Economy

CS 306       Synthesis of Ethics and Law for the Computing Professional

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